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Cosmic DNA an Analogy of the Cosmic Pattern of Light

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First of all let us see the cosmos with a different perception other than stars and planets; it is only when we see without preconception that we are able to be in direct contact with an image or anything else in life. All relationships are really imaginary one that is based on an image formed through thought. If someone has an image about a person and that person has an image about the other person they are not seeing each other as they actually are, what they are seeing is the images that they have formed about each other, which prevents them from being in contact with the real inner being of each person. We do not build on the true conceptions of what is real and what an image is.

So when we look up at the stars at night we are just looking, we are just the observer the experiencer, the thinker creating space between you and the stars, you will not be able to understand about this space between you and the stars this is because you have never looked without the image of that star. It is one of the reasons that you do not know or understand the beauty that exists within the multi universes. A person can talk about the universe and how the planets are born and how they die such as in nebulae’s but they cant experience it. It is in very rare moments in total self abandonment that we can experience this essence of light and its beauty.

The Universe is the most majestic energy formations there is, it is like a myriad of colourful light, it is a light show beyond any thing we can imagine and within this majestic show there are patterns of DNA signatures that give the building blocks of life not only to our planets but to the many thousands of planets outside our galaxy and even our universe. So let us have a look at some of these patterns and their DNA signature. The DNA of a pattern of consciousness is not like a human or animal DNA as it has far more strands of energy linked to the process of what it forms as its signature.

Twelve is an important number within the mathematics of creation . The high numbers of the universal formation are 3, 6, 9, 12, and 33 and the lower numbers are 2 and 22 as they represent the void and darkness. The higher numbers are the trinity of the soul/spirit=light and on a lower scale in physicality it is body mind and spirit. The number 6 represents harmony and balance as it has the trinity on both sides an equalisation of balance. The number nine means completion and ending of a cycle and three can go into this number three times which brings us back to the trinity. The number 33 is the highest domain as it has both the trinity either side but also above as well as below, add up 33 and you get a perfect balance of the no six.

Let us look at the number 12, the divinity of three shared with the four elements as 3x4 = 12. There are also twelve zodiac signs in the elliptical precession in the heavens. There are 12 months of the year, there were 12 disciples and there was the 12 Tribes of Israel, so this number is important both in the heavens and below on earth. Another set of 12 is our place in our star system. Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. 

There are 12 laws of the Universe

1, The law of Oneness an energy that connects everything to everything else

2 The law of Vibration states that everything in the universe, oscillates, vibrates, and moves in a cone like wave energy

3 The law of action this is applied to manifest creation into a physicality of matter

4 The law of correspondence states the principles of physics that can explain the physicality of this world

5 The law of cause and effect that states all is synchronicity that nothing happens by chance

6 The law of compassion this states that we have to accept all creation no matter how it turns out to be

7 The laws of attraction is like attracts like, it’s a magnetic field of energy which attracts other energies similar to its own

8 The law of transforming an energy you can transform anything into something just as a person can transform negative to positive

9 The law of relativity is the use of duality

10 The law of polarity this states that everything has a continuum and has opposites

11 The law of rhythm this states that energy is always vibrates moves and is in a constant state of dance

12 The law of gender showing that the universe has both male and female energies and composites.

There are also other components of energies in the universe that has the number 12 in its contents but we will not go into that as it is to long to explain. I just wanted to make clear the importance of this number in universal and physical existence. This is because we will take the number 12 and create 12 different consciousness in one huge pattern of energy which if you multiply 12x12 +144 and this is how many DNA signatures are in the consciousness of the human species

Let us look at this as an analogy as all things metaphysical cannot be proven in any logical way. The human consciousness is a vast diversity of energies both wave and particle each becoming as one as both unite, the particle becomes the wave and the wave transforms itself into particles this makes the consciousness of the human species. Now say for instance we have twelve different sets of jigsaws all laid out on the floor of a huge room although they are 12 different scenes they all link up as one. Each jigsaw piece representing a part of a whole like a holographic image, each piece of the jigsaw connecting with each other creating the picture. Each of these jigsaws are all connecting to each other giving the reality of the different illusions that each picture creates.

So looking at this number 12 in universal energy numbers, the 12 jigsaws represents the diversity of the human consciousness and as this projects itself into manifestation you get 12 above and 12 below making 144 waves of energy consciousness the signatures for the human species. Other species have less or more signatures depending on how big the species are, birds for instance would have more signatures than the cat family including all wild and domestic breeds. It all comes down to how many wave energies that contain the signatures of the universal DNA that make up that particular consciousness.

These 12 signatures are divided up into three sections of four elements, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth also you have Light/ Dark. Ether and Matter, all universal substance= Energy. The formation of the building blocks of life are Action= Thought, Creativity = Mind, Ethereal or Anti matter= Creation, Manifestation= Solidity.

All living species of creation evolve through the various structures of energy consciousness within the 144 energy signatures of quantum wave particles that create the many patterns of diversity that is consciousness itself. These waves patterns help create a multi dimensional existence according to the elements of the various energies that make up a structural force for all life, what is created above is always a reflection of what is below.

The human DNA has two strands and four chromosomes AT CG but the ethereal blueprint has 12 strands six on either side, these do not have the exact same replica as the physical Dna due to the ethereal energy waves that create the blueprint before its descent in to a human vehicle. The 144 energy wave signatures is the total composition of the collective source of energy in its higher form and not that of the human physcality of the body/mind. The 144 energy waves + the number 9 on a lower level which represents the completion of a cycle which is a number 9, nine is also the energy vibration of Planet Earth.

The Perceptions of Spirituality & Enlightenment

If the spirit could be wholly experienced it would be a limited experience, this is because the spirit is limitless. Enlightenment is the emergence of the spirit and the realisation of the universal source and its creator

 Many people who seek their own spiritual path sometimes gets confused from the various ways and words that people write or speak or quote when experiencing their own particular spiritual journey, this is due to the simplicity and complexity which can be explored and expressed in many ways by many different people. These are accounted for through the many various understandings of peoples own experiences and the individual meanings that words express by people who use them to express their concepts and perceptions.

There are no dimensions in simplicity and many multi-dimensions in complexity. For some people the experience is of a multi- dimensional space of seeming chaos and for others it consist of the No Mind experience, simply put what is right and seemingly a correct interpretation or expression that an individual can experience within its own spirituality can be quite different to another’s perception of the same reality. The self or I in terms of what the individual has experienced or learnt may be totally different to someone else’s perception on the same matter and may even have conflicting views. This is due to some internal aspect of the outer personality which is over shadowed by the self. But if this was seen by the inner spirit then there would be no conflicting views as the spirit would comprehend all the multi-dimensional facets of its whole.

The Spirit and the Soul’s written expression is very similar to a sighted person describing a glass of milk to a blind person who does not speak the same language; truth can sometimes seem to be like a chameleon the same entity appearing differently when viewed in different ways.

There are many people who need something to believe in or have faith in this may be due that for some reason they don’t have faith in their true selves, these people have turned timeless parables and metaphors into repeating patterns of dogma and habitual-ness, but what is not understood is that each parable or metaphor is merely a variation on the one theme or scenario written for a one time space interval in man’s perceptual linear date line.

Wouldn’t be wonderful if every human being knew without any doubt that we are all part of each other and that one creator with no name created everything we see, there would be no wars because everybody would know that we are a part of something greater than ourselves appear to be and to do harm to anyone else or any part of nature would being doing harm to our true self the spirit. When negativity like wars take place a whole ripple sends out waves throughout the universe, like ripples on a lake or waves crashing onto a beach each effect has its own effect across the human consciousness. Mankind has created its own illusion which has been the downfall of its own consciousness from the beginning.

The Heart Attack of Consciousness

Life can be many things to many people, the path of life can be chosen as complex or simple according to the individuals thought form of how they perceive life to be. To many in the world today think it is divided between good and evil, but some do understand that spirituality is about balance and harmony. The concepts of right and wrong are completely relative to the perception of the dominant consciousness of human nature or the personality archetype that will change as each cycle passes. The human archetypes of consciousness changes in a cyclic motion according to the changes made by the evolution of the human mind. The problem is there is no balance of equation it is rather like a pendulum that swings, and the mind that is associated with the pendulum is to far located from the centre of one’s inner being and its conscious link to the centre of the universal source. 

Who we are? What are we and where we are from is the main link to our true conscious being. We are part of a unified field of consciousness that encompasses the whole universe of life. The human being has forgot that first and foremost they are spiritual beings in human form and not a human being separated by their own thoughts of their outer consciousness directed through the power of the self of the individual.

The Spiritual Journey

There are people who think of their incarnation experiences like a journey along some highway in a vehicle that they have full control over to where they want to go. Many who drive this vehicle are not bothered or interested in the innumerable influences serving to compromise their perceived mosaic of existence any more than they need to know which stones in the road cause cuts to their tyres. They look at it in a manner that the cuts present no impediment on their journey just a bit of a nuisance and as long as they keep focusing their intent ahead all other parts of the scenery along the way goes unnoticed. The propensity of their focusing in their navigation towards their pot of gold which may lie at the end of some rainbow can totally block awareness of the real journey they are supposed to be travelling. Many people think of their physical vehicle like a car and as long as they have an engine which is the heart and they have fuel in the tank which is their blood and that there is water in the radiator which is the spirit that their car will keep going wherever they want it to go. But many people forget that the vehicle needs water the spirit and without water in the radiator the engine seizes up and the car simply will not go. This is what is called critical mass because 90% mainly focuses on the vehicle the self the other 10% is seen as the spirit that accompanies the vehicle along the journey of life.

 Looking at this life experience as an illusion the disembodied voice of the spirit tries very hard to make the illusion work, but the self’s 90% ego does not understand and thinks it’s the self that works and controls the illusion. When someone has access the remaining 90% of the spirit then the illusion that the self has created will diminish and cease to work and we then become masters of our own destiny as our spirit will be working the reality and not the illusion. We then become aware and conscious of our own inheritance; we become miracle workers the dreamer who awakes from the dream. A miracle is nothing more tha a change in perception.

Enlightenment the End of duality

Enlightenment comes when you can see both sides of the coin and be non judgemental, enlightenment is not just knowledge or wisdom, but is the understanding of the knowledge that comes from within. It is the underlying meaning in which the soul/spirit brings within its consciousness. There are many paths to enlightenment just as there many ways in which to find it. Each soul chooses a path in which it can find fulfilment to its own light which gives it the enlightenment of its creator. No one can say which path is right or wrong all are chosen with care for the individual soul to walk with the presence of its choice of vehicle the individual. This is why it is so important for the individual to feel in balance and in harmony with its spirit and not to try and walk the path of others, because what is right for some is not right for others we all have our unique bar code our own signature.

The unconsciousness mind of the spirit always has your best interests at heart as it shapes the mirror which many calls the illusion of existence, it is from this mirror that you can view the inner and outer realms of what is created above so it manifests below. Enlightenment in its true source is knowing that you are equal to the source of all life in the creators realms, you are part of ALL THAT IS you are the miniature version of the universal mind and in its image you can see the reflection of your inner self. So wake up to your light and see what you truly are the light of all life.

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