The moment the Spirit explodes or appears all of space is lit up. The entire sky is the expression of your Beingness. Even though this world is an expression of your Beingness you believe that you are only the Body/Mind. Your love for the body limits your horizons, but the moment these walls come down, only then are you at one with your spirit and the whole universe.

Conflict is the struggle of opposing forces, in a story it is what creates action and drama, every story or play has conflict as without conflict there would be no story. Conflict is within all five elements that create life.

Man vs Nature here are large conflicts as man cannot see the true value of nature because if he did then mankind would have more respect of its power. Man’s struggle is an external conflict like trying to survive the harshness of Alaskan winter or being at sea in a huge storm, it is within this kind of struggle that creates conflict with nature and mankind. But also the conflict arises when man destroys what nature holds within her natural resources that gives all that inhabit her life.

Man vs Society is also external and is the kind of conflict you find whenever man stands up against the rules and regulations that society creates. Here you may find the freedom of spirit that will not lie down to the rules and regulations put together through other men. This has been an ongoing conflict since mankind began.

Man vs Creator (God) Here you have a much wider conflict as there are so many different cultures and beliefs, one says they are right while another section says they are right so here conflict begins and deepens and widens to an ever expanding war.

Man vs Man here is where dualism comes in, the ego of one person in conflict with the ego of another both thinking they are right and neither giving way. There are simple conflicts that can grow into bigger ones, like privet hedges dividing people’s gardens how many conflicts have come about in this situation and has led to large sums of money being paid to solicitors over a simple part of nature dividing two people’s homes. This is what is known as ignorant conflict, most of conflict in peoples lives are through ignorance.

Man vs Spirit (inner self) This must be one of the widest and deepest conflicts in the whole evolution of mankind. The conflict of ignorance of what the self desires in life and what the spirit needs in life. But to some people there is no conflict in this area as many do not know or understand their true sense of being. They are what they think they are a physicality of being with a mind.

Look at the picture on the other page and see the different energies within the pattern of the universe, there are so many different colours all with various elements creating the Orion Nebulae but these are not in conflict with each other but a blending formation of pure nature of pure energies and out of this comes a structured order of how stars and planetary systems are formed from collapsing gas and dust.

Conflict can only arise through the conflicting mind of mankind because on a collective level one side is right and the other wrong. These acts comes from conflict of ideals of ideas, beliefs cultural ways of living where all things are divided and where there is division there is conflict. It began at the very early stages of mankind’s evolution from the hunter gathers of Cro- Magnon and Neanderthals and of the earlier stages of the hominid. Conflict arose between tribes of these early ancestors not of desire in the sense of today as there was nothing to desire at those times except food and shelter, but the conflict arose out of tribes creating their own thoughts of what should be done and what not to do, while others created their own set of thoughts and each tribe thought they were right.

It does not matter who you are or what you are, but in the nature of man conflict is woven into life in some form or another because each are equally identified with their own thoughts their own perspective which they think are right, so in most cases of conflict both sides believe to be in possession of truth. In some cases of conflict both sides regard themselves as victims and in some cases the other side as evil this is due to that they have conceptualised and thereby de-humanised the other as the enemy. When this conflict is strong as it is in wars they can inflict so many horrors of crime violence and cruelty no matter the age or the gender without feeling their humanity and suffering, they have no compassion or empathy to their victims.

These actions can only take place where the ego has so much control and conflict with who it is and what it believes it stands for, this has nothing to do with the spirit as the ego has separated itself from the true source of its being therefore losing the spirits consciousness and it is this conscious which stops and evades conflict within ourselves and once this is realised a human being would never hurt another human being or anything else.

The mechanism of the ego losing its connection with its conscious is a personal thing between ego/spirit depending on beliefs or no beliefs, but when it is collective it becomes a whole new thought form because this thought form has expanded the ego in a collective structure which can destroy all that is seen as normal, so the norm becomes insane. What is it that lies at the root of this insanity? Complete identification with thought and emotion that is to say ego who I think I am.

People say they want peace on this planet yet they keep destroying it as well as destroying others, so how can peace be created, first one must create peace within themselves before they can expect other to follow. There are so many different kinds of warfare going on, drugs chemicals, terror, the war against cancer, against poverty and so on. War no matter what it is about is a mind set and all action that comes from such a mind set will either strengthen the enemy or if the war is won it will then create a new enemy which is often worse than the one before it. This is because there is a deep interrelatedness between the state of consciousness and external reality.

When someone is in the grip of a mind set such as war the perceptions become extremely selective as well as distorted, in other words they will only see what they want to see and then misinterpret it. We have already seen what kind of action that can come out of this delusional system

Recognise the EGO for what it is, a collective dysfunction, the insanity of the human mind, when you recognise it for what it is, you no longer misperceive it as somebody’s identity. Once you see the ego for what it is, it becomes much easier to remain non reactive towards it because you do not take it personally you detach yourself from it. You don’t think that somebody is wrong there is no blaming towards another or accusing another, nobody is wrong it is the ego in someone that is all.

Compassion arises when you recognise these things it is called enlightenment, that all suffering from the same sickness that the ego can create especially in a collective form of energy such as emotions that all come from the mind. You do not fuel the dramas anymore that is all part of the ego structure of choice.

Drama vs Peace

Most of us want peace in our lives yet there is woven within the consciousness of man the desires of drama and drama always leads to conflict. Many do not feel that they want some kind of drama but when the reality arrives such a disagreement with some one you think has hurt you or someone who accuses you of doing something, then the effects of drama will come into your thoughts which will become a conflict. To ward this off before it begins you must be awake to your own inner conscious, the  feeling you may feel that within you there is turbulence something that you feel is threatening and creating thoughts to oppose your inner thoughts of a more peaceful outcome. It is this delusional effect that must be over ridden at all times, so whenever you get into a situation of conflict switch off and walk away do not oppose whatever it is then you will not create conflict.

Find Your True Identity

When you find your true identity then there will be no conflict within, the only time someone feels the conflict within is when the ego is trying hard to win the contest with the inner voice,. Its needs are always through thoughts and fears so it may be the stronger of the two and it does this through the identification of who you think you are and what you think you are, this is why so many thoughts are in turmoil within the mind, it is constantly competing against itself. The illusion that all these thoughts create makes you think that you as a person is creating them, but once you let go of the attachment to who you think you are the turmoil in the mind will begin to cease and the ego will begin to lose its grip on the label of who you think you are and slowly you will begin to see more clearly while carrying the label but not believing in it.

All that is required to become free of this dominating ego/self is to be aware of it, be the silent witness and watch the ego but do not get bound up in its illusion. Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment, it is the ultimate purpose of human existence and it is your purpose to bring this power in to your lives. What is spiritual realisation? Is it the belief that you are spirit, no that is a thought, just as your thoughts believe who you are on your birth certificate and you cannot even remember your birth. Spiritual realisation is to see clearly that what you perceive you experience, think or feel is not who you are because you cannot find yourself in any of these things as these are things that constantly pass away.

The Buddha saw this clearly through the anata the no self and this is the central points of realisation it is not to believe or understand but to KNOW that the true beingness has no label no self. What remains is the inner light of consciousness in which perceptions, experiences, feelings and thoughts come and go. That is what beingness is all about, it is the deeper true I and when one knows this then whatever happens in your life is no longer that important as the inner I will know that you will have that inner knowing that your life will unfold as it is meant to and not as the self/ego wants it to.

Ask yourself can you sense this inner being within in all aspects of your life and at all times. Find the essence of the moment and do not look at how the world is unfolding but how your spirit is unfolding within you, the rest will take care of itself.

The Form of the Unconscious

    Whatever form the universal consciousness takes it is the drive behind the physical vehicle that represents it. In the human species the unconscious drive behind the ego/self is to strengthen the image of who it thinks it is, it is the phantom self that comes into existence when thoughts begin to take over in the mind. A baby of a very young age does not have this problem until it realises it has a name and objects have names until then it is oblivious to its own existence. It is the taught form structure which the ego creates so it maybe in control of the body/mind. Whatever behaviour the ego manifests, the hidden motivating force is always the same the need for control, to be special, the need for attention, its main project is of me, mine and I. This is how the separation comes about and the need for it to separate from its inner counterpart so thus you have the conflict of inner and outer.

 The purpose of the soul and its existence is to overcome the ego consciousness of self identity, labels of what it thinks it is and to do this the ego/self has to diminish its labels and how it identifies itself to the identity of who the person thinks he or she is. To have spiritual realisation is to know without a doubt that the body/mind is just a physicality of atoms, molecules, DNA, it is the light of the spirit that gives it form and life and that life has no name no identity it is formless and has no self.

Although one has to have some form of identity in the world for marriage, work, and relationships as long as you know this identity is false and that you have the realisation of what you are only then can you exist in the illusion and live in the light of the spirit. 

To see clearly in life one must get rid of the inner confusion within our outer and inner minds, think before making decisions whether it is work related, partnership related, or just choices you want to make to better your life. Always sit quiet and think inwards before making any decisions in life and this little bit of quietness can make all the difference to the choice you make which will and can alter circumstances in your life. Conflict will always be around on planet Earth as it is the opposition of thoughts, one thinking they are right and the other thinking they are wrong. So try to forget the conflict in the world as we cannot alter the people who rule and create the conflict, but instead try not to have conflict in your own life and if it does arise listen quietly and find the answer to the solution because there is always one.

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