Breath of Life

We have a certain amount of breath granted daily and it fuels our being, enabling us to do our daily activities by using our minds to orchestrate our life and tending to our interests guiding us to be productive. We all operate by investing our attention in what we want to do, what we want to accomplish, what we are interested in or what we want to know. Whatever you put your mind on, or pay attention to, or whatever you think about, or what you want to posses, all this is because. You are your attention! When you are really the (The Breath of Life)

This phenomena of wanting to spend, the attention of spending is a driving force of our commercialised world where billions of currency is being invested to find the best and most seductive ways to attract peoples attention so that we will pay attention to them and once they have our attention then they will get us to buy their products. This is okay when there are things that you need but not through commercialism of greed for the company's that sell them.

We share our attention so freely with others, who are mostly unaware of how it is being manipulated and depleted by all that is bombarded on TV, media and computers. Our precious energy is being used up, draining us into a near-comatose state. We vegetate in front of TV or cruise the internet for hours, bombarding ourselves into a false security and often soak up the radiation from the gadgets of technology, then to go and spend our hard-earned cash by buying unnecessary stuff we don’t need hoping to achieve that promised ‘happiness’. Products are glamorized so that we are encouraged to desire things we don’t even need. We are made to believe that we must have this or that to keep up with the rest of the up scaled world. We have to have the best we want the best, while the ones who really benefit are the advertisers, merchants and their agents. It is within the self interest of people that banks rise which brings inflated prices, while our attention is being drawn to spend our earnings.

We first have to become aware of this cleaver manipulation and understand and realise that it is not those external purchases or pleasures that will give us real happiness. It is in our innate nature, as a part of the manifested universal creation, to seek for the whole from where we are manifested from. Like a child who needs its mother to feel safe and cared for, this search for happiness is a very genuine one in all of us. And most advertisers thrive on this search, cashing in on it, commercialising goods and emotions and getting us to waste our precious time, earnings, energy and life by giving it our attention. Even spirituality in some cases try to entice you to join and learn knowledge for this purpose or that purpose but at an expense when all that you need to learn is within you, all that is needed, is for someone to put up some signposts to help those who are seeking their true path and goal in this earthly life. Everybody needs money to live but a balance is needed between what is desired and what is needed.

We need an antidote so that we can retrieve our attention, our focus, our energy from external things and place it back within our inner self. We need to bring our energy back within us and to centre it to our very being, then we will be less manipulated, less restless, and become calmer, solid, conscientious, focused, self-controlled, become kinder human beings. Many people are   having health problems that they never did before, they have become more stressed and seem to create more anxiety within them and these are only a few of the harmful effects that can affect people.  There must be a balance otherwise not only our health but also our mind will alter due to the outward pressure of energies that all consummers pressure us into buying for the sake of buying.

So how can we retrieve our out flowing energy, or our out going attention, and reverse the process? Meditation is the only sure antidote. In meditation there is no concentrating on anything material, or anything of the object world. If you find that your mind cannot be still in meditation then why don’t you visualise ocean waves, sunrises or birdsongs; verbal mantras or mental affirmations, visualisations-brings our attention to that of the Source within us. It is a natural process of connecting to our inner self with the higher consciousness of the universal source of energy consciousness.  Any method that allows an escape from the thoughts of our daily lives,we must have some form of escape from the materialistic world we live in to give our energy time to empower the body and the mind and give back the energy spirit that is yours.

The mind is so subtle that only something even more subtle can capture and hold our attention, to guide our energy back and heal both the body and the mind, Only that which is spiritual can saturate our being. It is when the self merginges with the spirit is the connection that brings the spark into our lives and makes us feel alive. Those who know how to do this should serve humanity and help bring balance onto Mother Earth by putting up more signposts, and lighting up the way for others so that they too can peacefully shine within their own light.

Meditation also means living in balance with the material world, embracing it and using it to facilitate our life on earth and making life more comfortable while not letting it become the be-all and end-all of our existence. This way we can live with the higher understanding of our purpose so be less stressed by what we lack-due to the commercialisation of our life’s existence-and be more trusting in the abundance and prosperity that our spirit is granting us, so by using our commonsense, our creativity, our talents, our gifts and our skills in life we should be able to live well balanced lives which brings harmony to both our minds and our body.

This means, knowing that deep within the core of our being there is this beautiful existence that wants to shine and merge with its source. This means knowing that there is more than enough universal energy for every one. It means spreading this healing energy so that love, compassion, kindness, generosity and peace will reign within us on earth, but only if we know how to harness this energy and use it to send it out to others.

Every moment of our lives we are either creating something or disintegrating something with our own thoughts. Remember, everything in this universe is energy, including our thoughts. Energy is neither created nor destroyed it just keeps changing its form. Everything is vibrating at sub-atomic level but we are just basic senses. The only way to experience it is by going beyond our normal state of consciousness. Just because we cannot experience this higher awareness state of consciousness through our five senses it does not mean that it is not in existence, its is within us every minute of the day but one does not notice it as our thoughts are so full of other things we forget our true existence . This is when you will realise that all is connected. In our conscious state it is hard to comprehend, because we tend to identify ourselves as individuals beings in the form of a  human body but everything in the universe operates under exact precision of universal law of cause and effect. We as human beings are made of the same stuff of the stars and galaxies we are the missionaries of creation among the 8.4 million other species that occupy this planet called earth

The law of cause and effect or action and reaction is widely misunderstood and therefore widely misused in our society today. If we look at our lives at the most basic, fundamental level, we can see so many problems relating to how we act and react to different situation in life. Remember, nobody is perfect, but it is our imperfectness of our thoughts and our reaction that are causing all the miseries. Why are we doing this? It is allowing the self/ego to take charge and as we grow and start to differentiate everything, we build our ego and our attachments to material things that expand as we go through life. Thus we develop a conditioned mind one that  imprisones us, whereby we act and react in certain ways to everything in our material life.  

When a child is born he/ she is so pure, they don't have any attachments they are pure spirit, but as a child grows into teenager and through to adulthood, it starts to accumulate materialistic wealth: the sort of things that gives great physical and mental pleasure some desire power which brings greed, they focus on having a successful life with all the trimmings. However, these kinds of pleasures are only temporary they will only remain with them whilst here on earth as they are physical things. I relate to life like a river where you accumulate materialistic things that you see resting on the banks of the river, whereby the river is always flowing past them. The spirit is the river of life just glancing at all the objects as it flows naturally to the ocean that awaits it.

 Spirit is the river of life and we are the objects on the rivers bank, until suddenly we feel that the river’s current is getting stronger and you are struggling to stay on the shore, the river becomes strong reaching over the bank where we still cling on, but what if we let ourselves go and flow with the river of life and trust in where it is taking us, instead of holding onto a river bank that will crumble in time,let go and just flow with the river it will take you to where you are supposed to be and not where you think you ought to be stuck in the mud along the banks of the river. Every thought we create either leads to a positive or negative reaction. So let’s analyze our thinking and reactions through our supreme awareness and experience that we are connected spiritually because we are that spirit and if we trust in that river and let go of the bank and flow freely to wherever it is it is leading you to you fill witness all that the spirit created, the role it has come to play through you the host.

All good thoughts will express good energy vibrations and all bad thoughts will attract negative vibrations what we need is balance, to see both positive and negative energies and create a balance between them.. Remember, everything is energy and energy vibrates at various levels. Your thoughts too, become particles of energy in a subtle form and travels to its intended destination in the form of energy communication. Spirituality has always taught us to seek and you will find and looking for your own true source the spirit within is what life is all about, it is about finding your way home. When unfortunate events happen in your life which you have not caused it is the energy displaying its karma not necessary you as an individual but what the energy consciousness of your soul/spirit carry’s and how it needs it to be released. So you may label this as ‘the universal law the’ sowing and reaping’, ‘cause and effects’, ‘action and reaction’. How you refer to these laws is of little importance, but the ‘understanding’ of how it works is vitally important. The thoughts, feelings and actions that you express in life are the seeds that you ‘sow’. The conditions, circumstances and things that come into your life are the harvest you reap as a result of the seeds that you sow

To have tolerance in your life you have to  become more in tune with your higher self as you forsake the stubborn demands of the ego, and to develop a tolerant attitude you require a keen observation of the workings of your mind and awareness of the subtle operations of the ego. You have to bring a change in the habitual ego responses to different areas of your life situations.

To become more tolerant and less controlled by your false self, start practicing being satisfied with what you have got and not keep looking for more. Your ego is never quite content, if you choose one thing, your ego will persuade you to consider something else. It will always challenge you to duality or opposites, because that is what the ego is made of. If you continue to identify with this kind of inner dialogue, rest assured that the ego has temporarily separated you from your spiritual self. If you are separated from the awareness of your higher self, you cannot achieve the state of inner balance and peace of mind we all need.

As you begin listening to your higher self in quiet and contemplative moments, you will begin to relax taking the pressure off your mind. You stop the false thinking that your self/ ego creates, you begin to stop worrying about the future as you will realise that the river flows on its own accord and cannot be pushed forward or accelerate faster by will alone but flows naturally according to its natural energy vibration. People are the way they are, but being aware of that helps not by trying to dominate others to your way of thinking but to show them the signposts then it is up to them to how they interpret them. The ego is, as usual, trying to convince you of your separateness because the ego want separation as only then is it fully in charge and it also does not want you to find how the self is controlling your life. So reconnect what has been separated and join yourself to your higher consciousness, your own light and see your life change as you begin to play your true role and not one made up by the ego.

Ego projects its controlling attitude very cleverly it seeks for you to find ways of keeping the mind occupied and when you try to take a look at a different path of truth it will lie to you and say how can this be if I cant see it or touch it, it does not exist, the clever ego gets you coming and going making you see your life this way and that way but not the true way. The self/ego does not want the host to find the truth of what it is and why it is here because the ego would lose its dominance over the host  But when you gain the awareness that all of us are connected in this universe with the same enlightenment that the spirit gives to us all, a universal intelligence running through each and every one of us then you will know the reason for your being. Know that the higher self is all knowable and real, when you know and understand that, then all the surface of the self/ego satisfactions will slowly disappear.

Your higher self is your ticket to freedom even though at this present moment your ego is working to convince you that the higher self is just a belief, a myth and that you as a person are in charge of your own destiny but this is only partly true. Remember No One can eradicate evil only the person who created it.  Peace in the world can only be achieved if more people changed and looked within to find their true selves and find the peace they want in their lives, once that has been achieved only then can the world change, the more people that change the more light that will enter our consciousness only then will harmony and some form of peace will manifest itself Your impact in the world at large begins with the smaller world of yourself. You will know freedom and peace when you are free of the ego’s control and know the peace of your higher self travelling the path of your higher quest. One of the first steps along your path is learning to trust your higher self and seeing the world as it is rather than as you want it to be.