Accept, Believe & Forgetfulness

Acceptance is the understanding of creation. Acceptance is what the Creator creates, the acceptance of its own creation.

Acceptance is to accept the world as it is knowing that there is a greater plan somewhere in the intelligence source of the Creator, trusting is part of the acceptance that there is a higher mind that knows how the play will unfold not always as the logic and reason of the human mind sees it. We all think we can change the world, but how can we when we are the world, the world is only an illusion projected through the universal consciousness of the Creator’s mind.

Acceptance of who you are and acceptance of knowing what you are and not trying to be someone you are trying to create from the consciousness of the ego. Accept others no matter what race creed or belief system they believe in we are all sparks of the same light it is just some people don’t understand it. We are all just playing different roles, so do not try and change them for your own gratification.

We accept the sun as it rises in the morning and we accept it when it sets in the evening, just as we accept nature as part of the planet we live on. We accept that the trees change through the seasons so why can’t we accept our spirit the light in human form, why do we question it or question ourselves.

Acceptance is breaking the strings to the puppet which is the physical body   the puppeteer is the human mind which pulls the strings and controls the actions that are made, by breaking free and cutting these strings, you can then allow the invisible strings of the spirit to guide you.

Acceptance is the process of surrendering to the higher will of the creator, we often attempt to force the creation of something that is not in harmony with our true path chosen by the creator and it is not always in the highest good for all concerned. In these situations the universe invariably places road blocks or boulders on our path to signal or tell us that what we are attempting to manifest is not in harmony with the creators or universal plan. When a block such as this occurs we need to accept the message or mind of the universe and hand over the situation to our higher power or higher mind.

If the situation you are trying to create is indeed the right one for you, the universe will always point you in the right direction that will aid in the manifestation of an appropriate form. If the situation you are creating is not in harmony with your chosen path, then you are being asked to accept that the superior understanding of the universal mind will provide you with something even better than that which you were attempting to manifest.

The act of acceptance is also an act that nourishes the receptive side of your nature it is a way in which you can acknowledge your willingness to receive the bounty that the universe has already prepared for you. Practicing acceptance of the universal mind creates trust in the abundance of what the universe holds. Acceptance is not the same as giving up or quitting, acceptance is an act of your inner faith of who you are, it is an act of faith in the greater plan of the universe, not simply a reaction to frustration and difficulty. In many cases an act of acceptance takes supreme courage and the willingness to live within the universal plan rather than your own creation.

Believe (Not Belief)

·        To believe is different than belief, when you believe there is a deeper knowing that accompanies it.  Children believe in Father Xmas because they believe he is real when they receive presents on Xmas morning. Children believe in Fairies when they find some money under the pillow after losing a tooth. Most children believe in what grown ups say does not exist, they call it make believe, but there is some believe-ness that children can see what grown ups don’t want to see, they have lost the ability to see through the eyes of a child. Through the child within we experience the lessons of total surrender to see through the inner eyes of a greater power, it is through this aspect of ourselves that our ego began to develop and it is the way of interpreting stimuli so the mind can evolve. The child within us experiences and interprets our emotions and experiences by assigning meaning to them according to what we experience and how we view the world. To view the world from a child’s eyes it can either be a dangerous place with demons and monsters, or it can be a wonderful magical world full of mysteries. To them in their believe state in their own child like world all manner of things can happen so simply and not such a complicated world that we grown ups create. To believe, just simply believe is one of the greatest achievements that you can experience.    

This is a true story of such a case of simply believe happened to me. I was told by the universal source that I was to get away for five weeks as I needed to be segregated from my usual everyday living from friends and neighbours as they wanted me to be more alone so that I would be able to reach self realisation. So off I went back to Corfu after 15 years, there were a few people that I used to know still living there but these people were spread out across the island and were also working, so if you went to see them they could not give you a lot of time and also I found that after all these years our paths had gone in different ways so I was on my own a lot of the time. I used this quiet solitude to walk and take buses and see old places change, but I also had time to look within and ponder on my life since I left Corfu and saw great changes in my own self as well as great changes to the island.

After about three weeks nothing had happened I don’t know what I was expecting as the universal source had not told me, I went because I believed in what was told to me without any shadow of doubt, but had no clue to how it would unfold. Then one night I was in my room and was watching a English film to pass the time away, it was one by Dustin Hoffman called “Emporium” where he was a toy shop owner where everything was magical and in the story he told his assistant that after living over 200 years it was time for him to go and she said but you can’t go who will run the shop and he told her you will and she said I can’t and then the two magic words came (Just BELIEVE). As soon as I heard him saying those two simple words a huge rush of energy exploded throughout my body and I burst into tears and sobbed for about an hour I could not understand what was happening to me, but I knew without any doubts the knowing 100% I Believed in what I really was, my Self Realisation had happened, so simply and so profoundly it needed in that moment just two words to ignite it. I knew this could not have happened if I had been at home as to much in my everyday life would interfered that is why they told me to go somewhere where I would not be totally alone but I would be away from my everyday surroundings, but why five weeks I still don’t know as the realisation came just after the third week. But it was a wonderful experience and I really do know what it is to Accept and Believe.


The biggest fault with mankind is his forgetfulness of his true identity and where he came from, it is the forgetfulness that separates us from our true source of universal consciousness.

Forgetfulness is forgetting the true reality of your being and perceiving only the five senses of taste, hear, see, touch and smell which have been reconstructed from sensory data from the brain. You think you are perceiving the world around you, but all that you are doing are seeing the direct awareness of colours, shapes, sounds and smells that appear in the mind.

Every man’s world picture is and always remains a construct of his mind and cannot be proved to have any other existence

Erin Schrodinger

The perception of the world has the very convincing appearance of being out there around us, but it is no more out there than your nightly dreams. During your dream state you can be aware of sights and sounds and sensations happening in the timeless-ness of your dream state. This dream state appears real to you until you wake up and become aware of yourself and begin to use the physicality of identification of yourself.

A dream is a creation from the sub-conscious mind an energy that flows creating images on the energy wave that is carrying them, this energy continues to flow in your awakened state but you don’t notice it as the mind is too full of so many other distractions for you to perceive it.

When people say it was just a dream they usually forget about it, how many remember their dreams vividly later in the day? They disappear soon after the physical mind is aware and is filled with so many other senses then the dream fades as so many others senses takes over the mind. In the waking state of your consciousness the image of your world is based on your sensory information drawn from your physical surroundings, this gives you the waking experience and consistency of your sense of reality that is not found in dreams. But the truth is your waking reality is as much as a creation of your mind as in your dreams.

What is important is the understanding that all experience is an image of reality created in the mind, you will only live in the illusion that you create within the brain/mind.

It is so easy to forget the actions of the mind and it is much easier to bury them in your sub conscious rather than face the reality in which you have created them. So don’t try and forget what you have hidden, remember both the positive and the negative actions the mind and the five senses have created and by doing so you will become more aware of what you have forgotten, which is the true mind of your being the light of the spirit. Only then will you remember what was created for you.

Walk always in your own light, but be aware of the shadow behind it


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