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The Metaphysical Journey of the Soul & Spirit

Life is a journey for all humankind

Each journey is unique to each individual. This is because each person has its own map within the spirit of the soul, the pattern within the light that carries the soul. Many people dont know they have this map so dont know where they are going in life. Find the map learn how to read it and see where your journey is taking you. This way you will not get lost or confused within the chaos of the mind and the chaos of illusion.

So Join me on this journey and find the real meaning of your soul/spirit.

We all make mistakes in life because the choices we make are from the self and not from within, so learn how to find the right choices by following the inner journey of your Soul/Spirit from the links of this page.

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A Journey to Self-Realisation

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The Never-Ending Seminar "A Journey to Self - Realisation" 

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The Never-Ending Seminar "A Journey to Self - Realisation"